Honey Bees + I'm Finally Back

Well, I did what I said I wasn't going to do. I stayed away for months :-) I hope you're all still around! I decided that I am not going to stress about always sharing elaborate posts... who has time to read them anyway? I will be sharing little snippets and bits, just like I do on Instagram, and I think it will be perfect :-) 

So today, I just wanted to share some pictures of our (really my brother's) honey bees. We have lost so many hives since moving to Tennessee, but after quite a bit of research, Caleb (my brother) concluded that it is the chemicals used on local crops that are wiping the hives out. He has been placing his hives in areas far away from cropland, and so far, so good.

I find it so sad and frustrating that honey bees are vital to agriculture, and yet, it is often modern agricultural practices that kill them. A brilliant woman we know in the beekeeping industry who is deeply involved in the honey bee research programs at a well known university told us the very disturbing news that a particular chemical company who makes agricultural chemicals (you know, the pink dust that seeds are treated with?) actually funds honey bee research as part of their PR program, YET the catch is that if the research department finds out that said chemical companies products are part of the issue, they aren't allowed to publish the findings or the university loses all of the funding. It is almost unbelievable to me that we as a country are that short sighted. 

That pink dust on corn and bean seeds at feed stores is actually a chemical. The plant eats the chemical as a fertilizer, and it becomes systemic in the plant. It is then present in nectar and pollen. The chemical isn't strong enough at this stage to kill the adult bees, but they take it back to the hive and it kills the baby bees, thus effectively killing the hive.

The land takes 10 years to completely recover from this chemical. 10 years. 

Not a terribly happy topic, but I have to think that educating others is the best and fastest way to move forward. If we all know how important these things are, then we have a better chance of making wiser decisions in the future. 


On a much brighter note, these bees mean we mayyy have honey to sell soon! 

XO, Loran

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